Saturday morning breakfast: bacon onion eggy pancake

Good morning (barely)! As mentioned earlier, I had some Bisquick to use up, among other things, so…more pancakes. I’m calling this a Saturday morning breakfast, but it was actually another late night snack. Around 12:30 or 1 last night/this morning, I got really hungry. I had some vegan bacon in the freezer that my dad got me for Christmas last year – I always get a giant box of food from Pangea – and so that was another ingredient that had to go.

I sauteed the “bacon” and a slice of onion in olive oil, and sprinkled the onion with salt.

Poured the pancake batter over it, and sprinkled the batter with a little garlic powder (very important!) Let it cook until the edges of the pancake start to brown slightly, then…

FLIP. I would turn the heat down and cook it slowly over low-medium heat to make sure it cooks through. So now we have the bacon & onion. Where’s the eggy?

After drizzling this amazing pancake with maple syrup, sprinkle it with black salt (sometimes called gray salt). The sulfurous taste together with the “bacon” will trick your mouth into thinking there’s some kind of egg in the mix.

This was so good, I ended up making two. Also, I have to say, I think the pancake tasted much better cooked in olive oil instead of margarine. I’m not sure if I’ll buy another box of Bisquick and continue to be lazy in my pancake making, but I’m pretty sure there will be more all-in-one pancakes in my future.

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    • We shall see. It is SO convenient! I tried a pancake recipe from one of my vegan cookbooks and it tasted horrible 🙁 But I’ll give it another shot – with a *different* recipe.

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