peanut butter & pickle sandwich #2

A couple weeks ago I posted a very simple recipe for a peanut butter & pickle sandwich. I wondered how it would taste if I switched it up a little…

2012123 pbr
and tried it with sweet pickle relish instead of a whole dill pickle.

2012123 pbr2
If you like the classic PB&J, chances are you will enjoy a PB&R (not be confused with a certain blue ribbon beer). Still, you may have to acquire a taste for it, but it’s fun to try.

Now I’m wondering what other weird flavor combinations I’ve been missing out on. Feel free to post suggestions below – please keep it vegan if you really want me to try it, maybe it will end up on the blog!

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  1. I recently enjoyed a peanut butter and fig jam with onions and a good hearty sprinkle of red chili flakes on a flour tortilla. It was delicious! So good I had it again the next day but this time added some coconut oil to the mix. Then I got brave and added pickle to it and that was good too. But my all time favorite nut butter is cashew with onions and a generous sprinkling of chunky pink Himalayan sea salt. YUM

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