Marie Catrib’s: ladies’ lunch with the bishop

So yesterday we had the Ladies Guild lunch with Bishop Anthony. Of course I meant to get to the church at least an hour and a half early to set up, but I ended up only giving myself an hour. Nadira and I scrambled around moving tables and setting them, and a bunch of other ladies showed up to help us finish, and helped during the lunch. There were so many people helping, I’m sorry I don’t remember – but Thank you, everyone!

The tables looked very festive, decorated in green and red. I got too caught up in everything to take pictures of the room, but one thing I didn’t forget…

2012128 GuildLunch
I told Bishop Anthony I hoped he didn’t think I was weird, but I needed to take pictures for my food blog. He said he didn’t mind : ) So here we have Marie’s wonderful (giant) cabbage rolls, stuffed with rice, onion and chick peas, probably a little fresh garlic, spiced with cinnamon and I’m not sure what else. There was also chick peas and eggplant in a tomato sauce over rice, and a mixed green salad with oil and lemon dressing. And…

2012128 GuildLunch2
a farina dessert with a sugary sweet syrup and sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

2012128 GuildLunch3
Nice and moist.

2012128 GuildLunch4
And here is a random shot from Vespers last night.

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