OhSomeoneElseCooks: lentil dal, roasted curried veggies and, yes, a prune log!

As much as I love cooking and baking, it sure is nice when someone else does the work. I was invited to A’s for dinner Monday night for what I’ll call a Pan-Orthodox vegan dinner.

20121210 dal2
The apartment was filled with the smell of curry – and about 37 candles : ) But that’s a story for another time.

20121210 dal3
Here we have a very fragrant basmati rice with fennel seeds.
Lentil dal: onions sautéed in vegetable oil, garam masala, coconut milk – and of course lentils.
Curried veggies: cauliflower, portobello mushroom, carrots, red skin potatoes, and peas tossed with turmeric and curry powder, and red pepper infused olive oil. Roasted at 400 for 1/2 hour.

20121210 dal4
And finally, K’s festive prune log. If this gains popularity, Jamie Lee Curtis will be out of a job!

20121210 dal5
I’m trying to remember this ingredients for this….um…prunes, for sure. Walnuts, bits of chocolate chips and, I think, cocoa powder. I might be forgetting something (maybe honey, judging by the other recipes I just peeked at).
The taste of this reminded me of a delicious chocolate covered jelly I had a few years ago. REALLY good.

Thank you, ladies, for the excellent food, and both ladies & gents for the good company.

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  1. Those are deee-licious looking meals and I agree it’s nice to eat someone else’s cooking no matter how much you like to cook!

    Those aren’t traditional ‘xmas’ meals but the warm, delicately spicy and healthy contented feeling they give (when home cooked like the above and not restaurant style) are perfect for the season.

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