leftover cupcakes = cupcake cereal!

Okay, maybe eating cupcakes for breakfast doesn’t seem to capture the true spirit of Lent, but…the Nativity Fast is a joyous fast, after all. Or you can just tuck this idea in your cap for some rainy day. A rainy day when you have leftover cupcakes getting a bit stale. It’s so simple, I don’t even know why I bothered taking pictures. I guess that’s just what you have to do on a food blog. So here goes:

20121214 ccc
These are chocolate cupcakes with walnuts and chocolate chips, and chocolate frosting. They were nice and moist on Sunday, but by Tuesday…well, they were actually okay, I was just looking for another excuse to eat cupcakes. Tear or cut your cupcake into pieces.

20121214 ccc2
I added some Cheerios to mine so I could pretend it was still kind of a decent meal.

20121214 ccc3
And almond milk is very good for you, so I think this was a well-rounded breakfast – I hit three major food groups: Nuts, chocolate, and fat. What else do you need??

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