Big Christmas p2, and baked grapefruit for breakfast

Today I have lots of pictures of our beautiful Christmas tree for you, and a very simple Lenten breakfast of baked grapefruit. I remember both my parents making a variation of this, and grandma made it mom’s way for me Monday morning.

20121217 Marshall
Of course it begins with the grapefruit. Cut it in half (NOT across the “bellybutton”, I, um, made that mistake once). You could also trim a bit off the bottom of each half so they sit flat. We did not, and it wasn’t a big deal.

20121217 Marshall2
Grandma had a grapefruit spoon for me to use, but she cut the sections for me anyway, with a paring knife, just to be nice.

20121217 Marshall3
If you’d like, put a cherry in the center. Sprinkle the grapefruit halves with brown sugar, and pop them in the oven on a baking sheet on broil until they get “bubbly” on top and the cherry looks candied.

20121217 Marshall4
You can’t really see the sugar in this picture, but it’s there!

20121217 Marshall5
Ready to eat. There is nothing like warm grapefruit on a cold morning. I hate to eat or drink anything cold when it’s cold outside!

And with those warm thoughts, let us turn to my beloved Christmas tree! The first few pictures highlight my superior creativity…I painted the pine cones gold so they’d look like ornaments, then painted the price tag…to look like an ornament. Boy was I proud of myself. You may click the images to enlarge them.

I spent the better part of Saturday decorating our Christmas tree. It takes me a long time to arrange the ornaments because I like everything to be just so. I have a method. First I like to get the Nativity ornaments and the Wise Men and the camels hung in prominent spots. Then I make sure all our fancy vintage ornaments from Tete are on the tree. Next I start in on the ornaments from my personal collection – some traditional, some unusual. I also have some plaid ornaments that dad and I both love, so those are a must.
Once those are in place, I start filling in the spaces with solid ornaments and some squiggly ornaments we got in the mid-90s.

I don’t think of myself as someone with OCD, but sometimes I’m not sure. Like sometimes if I’m heating something in the microwave maybe I know it only needs 10 seconds, but I have a very strong urge to press the number three and if I don’t press the number three it will drive me crazy, so I make it 13 seconds. It’s kind of the same thing with the ornaments. I might start hanging one somewhere and then suddently HATE that spot for that particular ornament, and I move it around and around until I find just the right spot. My dad happened to catch me doing that Saturday, I think he was in awe. Or terrified.

Is there any silly thing you obsess over during the holidays?

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