Christmas #3, with chocolate mustard sauce for your pancakes!

I am late tonight, so this is just a quick one. I didn’t use up all the batter from my onion & chocolate chip pancakes in one meal, but I didn’t want to eat the same old thing twice in one week. So I wondered, “Hm, what else tastes good with onions? MUSTARD.” So if chocolate tastes good with onions and onions taste good with mustard, then mustard must taste good with chocolate…right???? Well, it’s true. It worked!

20121215 sauce
I used a sweet Russian mustard, made sweeter with maple sugar, added cocoa powder to taste and thinned it down with water (just add a little at a time). It’s not gorgeous, true. And it was slightly bitter when I tasted it on its own, but…

20121215 sauce2
on the pancakes it was delicious. After a few bites, I realized I needed more than what I’d drizzled on top. I had some “extra” in the bowl that turned out not to be extra because I had to dip every bite in the sauce. It was that good. Now I’m kind of curious about trying it with plain yellow mustard (I love mustard almost as much as salt and tahini).

Anyway, carrying on the tradition which began way back 2 days ago, here are some more Christmasy pictures. I snapped a few of wreaths, garland and poinsettias in my church – and of course, the Christmas tree! Feel free to click to enlarge.

For more Christmas stuff:

My 2012 Christmas Tree!
Christmas in Downtown Marshall, MI

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