sesame mochi stocking stuffers? and my first opened gifts

For all you last minute shoppers who still need stocking stuffers, here’s a neat idea if your local Asian market is still open…

20121224 Mochi
Sesame mochi!

20121224 Mochi2
The box might be a *little* big for a stocking, but maybe you can squeeze it in.

20121224 Mochi3
The little guys (3 bites worth) are covered in savory sesame seeds. But underneath…

20121224 Mochi4
is a sweet little thing made of glutinous rice flour. These ones are filled with sweet sesame paste. You can also find them filled with peanut butter paste, red bean paste, green tea paste or other flavors, without or without the sesame seeds on the outside.

Now, I don’t intend to post all my presents here, but I just opened my first gift this morning and I had to share. This was given to me by a friend from church, and it’s pretty amazing….!

20121224 gift
“I will heal your wound as I healed a nation!”

20121224 gift2
Kind of a random Free Prize, but I’m going to imagine the squid is eating Honest Abe. Can’t wait to wear one of these! Probably tonight, for no reason.

20121224 gift3
And of course, this will soon adorn my car.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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