wait – MORE Christmas! vegan stuff from pangea

Okay, so I wasn’t quite finished with Christmas stuff, I still want to show off one of my favorite gifts. Every year my dad gets me a box of stuff from Pangea, aka VeganStore.com

20121229 the 29th
When I see the foam box, I know I’m going to be stuffing my face before the night is over.

20121229 the 29th2
I ate one of these delicious cupcakes before noticing there is no nutritional value anywhere on the packaging. I looked it up on the website……420 calories!!! The second cupcake is still in the fridge now – I have eaten 1/4 of it, and plan to eat another piece the next time I workout : )

20121229 the 29th3
Ste. Martaen is a brand of cheese I’ve been too cheap to buy for myself since I discovered it a couple years ago.

20121229 the 29th4
I have a sneaking suspicion I can make this at home – maybe you’ll be seeing a recipe soon!

20121229 the 29th5
White chocolate always reminds me of being a kid on Easter. I have a something in mind for these…

20121229 the 29th6
I usually don’t eat the soy Primal Strips, but…it was a special occasion. I love these things. And Sweet Chili pistachios – my favorite!! The Eli’s Earth Bars were amazing, but I guess that can be said of pretty much anything made of caramel covered in chocolate. Red Vines are just a classic.

20121229 the 29th7
And finally, to make up for stuffing all these treats in my face: a six month gym membership! Yay! I just activated the membership this week, and I’ve only gone once. Wish me luck!! I’d like to lose another 8 pounds, but I’ll settle for just getting in shape. My first day on the AMT I burned 500 calories…so…maybe when I hit my weight goal, I can jump on the AMT, and then eat a Moo-Cluck cupcake.

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