injera #7: cinnamon & sugar chips

For my 2nd quick post of the day, yet another use for leftover injera bread. I just snapped one picture before it went in the oven, but you can look at my other recipe for injera chips if you want to see the process.

2013121 injera
For this sweet version, I simply melted margarine, brushed it on the hole-y side of the bread, sprinkled the bread with cinnamon and sugar and popped it in the oven at 275 for close to an hour. You may want to flip it halfway through to get it crisp on both sides.

Wondering what else I can do with this delicious bread….

Here’s what else I’ve done with injera so far:

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0 thoughts on “injera #7: cinnamon & sugar chips

    • Thank you, mother 🙂 I’ll have to stop over for some teff flour when you’re feeling better.

      For the record (for those who might not know), injera traditionally is gluten free. If someone finds it ready-made, just check the ingredients to make sure it’s made only using teff flour. The injera sold around here has barley added, but it gives us a chance to experiment with our giants bags of teff!!

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