monday morning tip: quickly peeling garlic

This is probably nothing new to those of you who watch Food Network, but the other day a dinner guest questioned what I was doing…

2013121 garlic
when she saw me lay the flat side of my knife blade on the garlic,

2013121 garlic2
and POUND it.

2013121 garlic3
Why, I am peeling it, of course.

2013121 garlic4
You could buy a garlic peeler, or use Martha Stewart’s trick and then have two extra bowls to clean…but if you’re already going to dirty a knife, isn’t this just easier? And it’s oh-so-fun to smash things!

0 thoughts on “monday morning tip: quickly peeling garlic

      • Two ways to everything … I like the clean and easy one – given about 20 away to friends … and they love it – and you can peel up to 5 gloves in one time. As you say .. they are cheap.

        Thanks for coming back to me.

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