hospital food and re-re-re-repeats

Yesterday turned out to be a very long day for me and Mumra. And have you ever tried to find delicious, healthy food at a hospital? Well, at least at this particular hospital, you’d be out of luck.

2013125 hospital2
They did have a salad bar, definitely nothing like my beloved Whole Foods salad bar, though! But…it was okay. They had veggie burgers, but they weren’t vegan. All the actual meals included meat or fish, and everything else had dairy in it, except the fries. The fries were OK. In the refrigerated section, I did manage to find some hummus.

2013125 hospital3
It’s nice that it’s filled with love, but store-bought hummus just isn’t the same as homemade. It’s always just a little off – maybe because it’s made with oil or something? But anyway, it did fill me up.

2013125 Ahospital
After 7+ hours at the hospital (for me, but many more for Mumra), we needed some real GOOD food. And hot drinks, like maybe…spiced tea at Little Africa. And the all-you-can-eat special.

2013125 Ahospital2
By the way, here I am, showing my face on the blog for the first time ever. This is my special blog smile – I tried to use only the most flattering picture….

2013125 Ahospital3
The first round…

2013125 Ahospital4
The second round. We didn’t quite clean the plate like usual, but I cannot believe how much we ate. I think the two of us ate as much last night as three of us ate Thursday night. The worst part is I got up extra early Friday morning to go to the gym and work off Thursday’s dinner. And then. I ate even more Friday night. It will take me two hours Monday to get back on track!

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  1. Interesting post – I must say our hospitals up here in Sweden has really nice Bistro’s and the offer salad buffet – home cooked food … salads and fantastic open sandwiches and of course loads of nice cakes, tarts and cookies.
    Hospital food for patients can be another matter – I have been quite lucky .. during my days on hospitals, but I know it can be pretty poor at times.

    • I have a feeling most of the food we saw was purchased frozen, and they just heated it. Not very comforting, that’s for sure! I’ll try never to get sick unless I’m in Sweden 🙂

      • *laughing … I wouldn’t count on being sick in Sweden .. means good food – but if you are visiting .. hospitals and you pay for it you will get good food.
        Hopefully you don’t have to try more hospital again for a long time.

  2. Yay, you showed your face! What a delightful picture, made me smile. Hospitals suck! I hope your mother is OK. Sending my love your way! Little Africa food look delish!!

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