beating the breakfast blahs: spicy peanut butter oatmeal with soy sauce

Mondays and Saturdays are the days I experiment with breakfast foods. In wintertime, hot oatmeal is one of my favorites; however, having it with a bit (or a ton, to be honest) of margarine and a pinch (or a scoop, to be fair) of brown sugar can get old after a while. Plus it’s really just a good way to take something healthy and make it, well…not so much.

Monday is also the day I can spend more time at the gym, so it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra calories as long they’re packed with the nutrition I need. Enter this wonderful, bursting-with-flavor oatmeal.

2013128 spbo
I started by boiling about 1/8 C of raisins in 1 C plain, unsweetened almond milk.

2013128 spbo2
Just *barely* boiling….

2013128 spbo3
Then I added 1/2 C quick-cooking oats (reduce heat, according to instructions),

2013128 spbo4
a bit of cayenne (whatever you can stand),

2013128 spbo5
2 Tbsp natural, creamy peanut butter

2013128 spbo6
and soy sauce, to taste – or use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. If it’s not sweet enough for you with just the raisins, you might try adding a bit of maple syrup or agave nectar, or stir in some date paste (I added a little maple syrup myself).

2013128 spbo7
I garnished mine with a little more cayenne, mostly for aesthetics, but I did like the extra kick.

0 thoughts on “beating the breakfast blahs: spicy peanut butter oatmeal with soy sauce

    • I am huge fan of plain ol’ peanut butter oatmeal with raisins, but sometimes I just need to mix it up. If you do try it with cayenne, I highly recommend adding some sort of salty element, or maybe something slightly bitter? But that’s not really necessary with tried-and-true cinnamon 🙂 I am hungry for more oatmeal now….

      Does your mother put peanut butter in her bread pudding? It sounds amazing!

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