vegan almost-a-reuben sandwich (oil free)

You know how sometimes something can kind of taste familiar, even when it’s really not even close? Well, that’s this sandwich. For me, sauerkraut on bread with something that kind of tastes almost like Thousand Island dressing will trick my mouth into thinking I’m eating a Reuben.

2013129 sammich
So. This is a basic tahini sauce, made with ketchup instead of lemon and seasoned accordingly. You could add a little pickle relish, I didn’t bother.

2013129 sammich2
Mustard doesn’t really belong on a Reuben, but it’s my second favorite condiment (ketchup being #1) so sometimes it appears where most would think it ought not to.
I didn’t bother with a faux meat or cheese, either, and I used Ezekiel bread so the whole thing is oil-free and perfect for a strict fasting day. If anyone can think of a way to give it a Swiss-cheesy flavor without adding a faux cheese or using oil, I would love to hear your suggestions! But…I really didn’t miss the flavor (or smell).

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