oatmeal scam??? someone please explain

Dear readers, maybe one of you can help me understand something. I have two containers of oatmeal here…

201327 oatmeal
Both are Meijer brand (local grocery store). Now let’s look closely. On the front, the oatmeal on left reads “Quick Oats” while the one on the right reads “Quick Oats, all natural oats“. Now let’s look at the ingredients on the back….

201327 oatmeal2
The ingredients in those plain old Quick Oats are 100% natural whole grain rolled oats.
The ingredients in those Natural quick oats? 100% whole grain rolled oats.

What is the difference? The real difference is $2 – the plain Quick Oats made with 100% natural whole grain rolled oats cost $2 less than the Natural Quick Oats made of plain whole grain rolled oats.


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  1. It’s not a scam just a simple advertising ploy to fool you into paying more for the same thing by claiming they are” natural”, which indeed they are not b/c they’ve been processed, steamed and rolled losing some of their nutritional value, but they’re better than instant. Do you know how much the old fashioned oats were? They have the same nutritional quality as the quick do. . . .

    So the difference is the Big M Do Do is charging you an extra two dollars to pay for the new label. They do the same thing with their spaghetti sauce, the “natural” is actually healthier than the organic!

    Here are some resources for raw oats from http://nouveauraw.com/special-raw-ingredients/truly-raw-oats-vs-standard-oats/

    Raw Oat Resources: to name a few

    The Raw Food World – 22 oz for $8.95
    Blue Mountain Organics – 10 oz for $6.90
    Love Raw Foods – 16 oz for $3.99 ( they carry raw sprout-able oats too)

    Blue Mountain Organics has found a way to bring us truly raw rolled oats. They take raw whole oats that have been never been steamed or exposed to high temperatures, then the whole oat is passed through a slow-speed rolling mill, which they hand crank to ensure that they will not get heated. This keeps them delicious and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

    Go Super Life – gluten-free raw oats

    100% Organic Fresh rolled oats. These oats are cold-rolled in small batches using special equipment to retain nutrients and flavor. You can make great raw oat cookies, especially pleasing in colder weather and as a holiday treat. Very suitable to serve to cooked foodists. This is a gluten-free product, however, cross-contamination may occur during harvesting and transportation.

    • A ploy is a trick, a scam is a dishonest scheme. I think that’s close enough!
      I didn’t look at the old fashioned oats, I’m too impatient for those. I’ll try to remember to look next time. And, although I thank you for the list, I’m also too cheap to buy those brands you mentioned 🙂 These canisters are each 42 ounces, and the cheaper one was about $1.50.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with the level of difficulty (at least not for me). The old fashioned oats take longer to cook, and they have a different texture that I’m just not a fan of. Also, I mostly use mine for baking, and the recipe I use specifically calls for quick cooking oats.

        • Maybe it depends on the brand. The kind at this grocery store I buy them from takes a total of 10 minutes (5 cooking, 5 resting), but the quick cooking takes 1 minute to cook and 1 to 2 minutes resting.
          But the main thing for me is the texture. Do your thing, though!! 🙂

          • I live in a very long country with very little people, 9.5 million and we are not like over in US or Canada with million wonderful and wired things to choose *laughing – we can’t even buy products like this. ‘smile So I have to waste 3 min. *smile

  2. I had the same question.
    The only potential difference may be that the Meijer Naturals brand specifically claims on label no GMO (Genetically Modified Plant, in this case) content.
    The Meijer regular quick oats does NOT make this claim, so, it COULD contain GMO oats.
    Current U.S. Laws do not require do not require foods that contain genetically modified organisms to show this on label. I think this is wrong. As consumers, we should have this right – so that we can at least decide WHAT to buy. This is the core of your frustration, I believe. But at least – if non-GMO is important to you – you could buy the “Meijer Naturals” brand.
    Hopefully this helps. If you don’t mind eating potentially-GMO product, the regular oatmeal does seems to be a better deal financially per ounce of product.
    Another regular consumer trying to figure this stuff out . . .

    • Thanks for the info! I definitely didn’t see the “no GMO” labeling at the time I posted this, I wonder if it’s new or if I just somehow missed it. I guess it *could* be worth the extra money…

    • It is wrong and demonstrates how big business (including industrial agriculture) and politics are in bed. Many countries have banned GMO grown food and for good reason.

  3. I eat the Meijer Naturals oats for breakfast every morning. I have eaten both of these, and I can say that I actually like the flavor of the Naturals oats better. I know what you think, but seriously I can tell the difference in flavor and prefer the naturals over the blue label.

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