something sweet for my sweet valentine (me)

This morning I was asked how I planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. “I’ll be laying on the couch stuffing my face with chocolate and crying.” Well, I did cry a little while watching “She Wouldn’t Say Yes,” but the rest of the day was pretty nice. I will show you.

2013214 VDay
I started off by having my GreenMax in this lovely heart-covered mug.

2013214 VDay8
After lunch, Z & Fr. R and I went to the Pump House for dessert.

2013214 VDay5
It was my first time…

2013214 VDay6
luckily they had a few vegan options : )

2013214 VDay7
And a whole giant buffet of toppings…

2013214 VDay4
including a bunch of fruit.

2013214 VDay3
I had a crush on the cool plastic spoons.

2013214 VDay2
The only thing is you pay by the pound, and I went nuts with the fruit. But it made me feel better about eating the sorbet.

Now I’ll need something to justify the cake I just finished baking. I only made it so I would have something cute and Valentines-y to post tonight…I did it for YOU.

2013214 VDay9
I decided to decorate with tinted coconut (unsweetened).

2013214 VDay10
You could also use a ziplock bag, but I put my coconut in a glass jar, added a few drops of food coloring, closed it up and shook and shook and shook and shook it up.

2013214 VDay11
Pretty simple.

2013214 VDay12
I used my basic cake recipe, but decided to experiment and replaced 1/2 C of all purpose with teff flour.

2013214 VDay13
I almost always use canned, full fat coconut milk in place of the water and oil.

2013214 VDay14
Since this is a half recipe, I just did two little 6″ round cakes.

2013214 VDay15
Assembling the cake. I’m really not very good at frosting, I always make a mess.

2013214 VDay16
I wonder if bakeries use a little tiny vacuum to suck up the extra coconut…

2013214 VDay17
I thought it looked pretty.

2013214 VDay18
I haven’t eaten it yet, I’ll let you know how it went using part teff.

If you missed my earlier post about the amazing Valentine I received from my BFF, You Can See It HERE. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day!

P.S. If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned anything about the start of Lent, it’s because Orthodox Easter is 5 weeks after Western Eastern this year. I hope all the discount candy doesn’t get stale before we have a chance to eat it….

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