Teff Porridge

I love Saturday morning. I get to sleep in, and I get to make breakfast (or lunch, depending on how long I sleep in…). During the week I eat my beloved GreenMax in my office after Matins, but Saturday I can experiment.
So I have this HUGE jar of teff flour, and I guess I’m hooked on it and determined to use all of it up as quickly as possible. This morning I made teff porridge – basically, just another Lenten gruel.

201332 teff porridge
In a small sauce pan, 1/2 C teff flour…

201332 teff porridge2
plus 2 C water over medium-high heat.

201332 teff porridge3
Stir to combine.

201332 teff porridge4
Keep stirring occasionally to keep it from getting lumpy. It was amazing to me how smooth this got just stirring it with a wooden spoon. If you tried, for example, to make gravy that way using regular flour, you’d have a lumpy mess!

201332 teff porridge5
Optional: margarine and cinnamon, with a bit of salt. I’ve read you don’t need to add anything to this, but I prefer it with a little something. But if during Lent you wanted an oil-free food for a strict fasting day, I think it would be okay to leave out the margarine (maybe add 1/2 Tbsp of tahini to get your fat). I wouldn’t leave out the cinnamon or pinch of salt, though!

201332 teff porridge6
I decided to add a little carob syrup to mine. Alternatively, you could sweeten it with fresh fruit, raisins or date paste.

This makes two servings, so you can share it with someone you love (or eat two servings yourself, that’s what I did). Enjoy!

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