a little more Little Africa

Allow me to plug my favorite restaurant once again. The past two weeks I was hoping to go to Little Africa for lunch and it never happened, but finally on Saturday I got my wish.

201334 Little Africa
After Vespers, on a whim, I invited a friend to join me.

201334 Little Africa2
Okay, so going to Little Africa wasn’t a “whim” since I was thinking about it for several days, but I guess inviting a friend was the whimsical part. Or else I just didn’t want to be the weirdo eating the All You Can Eat special alone.

201334 Little Africa3
Either way, I love it when I get to bring someone in for the their first time. I wish I got referral points.

14 thoughts on “a little more Little Africa

  1. Just for the record, you are the one who labeled it “a whim” and “whimsical.” (I have yet to share the label that I came up with for it.) By the way, are you suggesting that inviting your friend was weird?

  2. By the way, would you trade the referral points for a free meal? (If not, I’ll figure out a way to get you some points … but I will want my money back!)

    • Hmm…if you’re just getting a standard combo, it’s so hard to choose! I guess I’d go with tomato salad, soy curry and alicha or kik. Unless you really have a thing for beets, I would avoid those.
      If you’re really hungry, you can do the All You Can Eat and try one of each thing. You might also ask if there are any specials.

      For drinks, the spiced tea is great, but the juice might be more helpful if you have a hard time with spicy food.

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