Popcorn with Buttery Frank’s RedHot Sauce

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before how much I love popcorn. I once had a refillable popcorn bucket I could bring to the local theater up to two times a day (yes, a DAY) for a refill. Even if I wasn’t seeing a movie! There’s one location a few minutes from my house and another a few minutes from my office. And each bucket of popcorn equals thousands of calories, many grams of fat, and tons of glorious, delicious sodium.
It was trouble.

201333 popcorn2
I have an air popper at home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what I eat at home is low fat (definitely not low sodium!).

201333 popcorn3
So many people know about my popcorn addiction, I got three 30oz containers of popcorn kernels for Christmas this year.

201333 popcorn4
I made some for dinner the other night.

201333 popcorn5
I do that sometimes.

201333 popcorn6
For the popcorn topping – I would normally use the original Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, but for some reason all we had was the thick kind. It’s okay, but it’s not as hot, and it has corn syrup in it. Not my favorite.

201333 popcorn7
Anyway, I melted some Smart Balance and added a little hot sauce…

201333 popcorn8
and then some more. And then kinda swirled the pan to mix it up.

201333 popcorn9
Let it cool a little so your popcorn won’t shrivel up (it still will a little, but not as bad as if it were hot). I spooned mine over the popcorn a little at a time, mixing after each couple spoonfuls and sprinkling it with a little salt and nutritional yeast.

What is your favorite popcorn topping?

13 thoughts on “Popcorn with Buttery Frank’s RedHot Sauce

    • Maybe it’s just a local thing. I would’ve never bought one for myself because when it comes to anything like that (all you can eat buffets, for example), I always feel like I have to eat as much as possible so I’ll get my money’s worth. It’s terrible. The person who bought it for me thought I wouldn’t be so neurotic if I didn’t pay for it myself…but it didn’t matter 🙂

      • you are absolutely right, eat all you can eat anything is terrible! The last time my family and i went to a buffet style restaurant, my siblings and i were no older than 12. That was the first and last time they took us out to a buffet. everything we grabbed went straight to the garbage. we could not find ourselves to eat that much!

        Do they still offer the refill popcorn buckets?

        • They do still have the popcorn buckets, you can get them year-round. The key is to get them right when they come out because they have the same expiration date no matter when you buy them. They’re kind of pricey ($32 for a bucket and coupon book, or $47 for a bucket, coupon book, and $20 gift card), but it’s worth it if you go to the movies a lot. The food is so overpriced.

  1. I thought I was making my favorite popcorn until I discovered how you use hot sauce with yours! I’m going to try it! Normally I add olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and nutritional yeast with a healthy sprinkle of freshly ground pepper. Can’t wait to try it some hot sauce!

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