omw to the Meat and Cheese Party

Since I couldn’t decide what to make, I didn’t get to the grocery store until after work today. And then I realized…there’s no way I have time to shop and get home to make something even slightly complicated. So. I’m kind of cheating, but it works. Can you guess what I’m making?

201337 mNc party

5 thoughts on “omw to the Meat and Cheese Party

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    • I think an 8oz bag of shredded Daiya is about $5.60 or some odd price. They’re all very expensive (but I ended up only using less than one bag, not both).

      I was at the health food store and didn’t have time to run to Meijer, so I just went with gluten free pasta. I love gluten. I guess it might be good to cut down on it…but I’m not ready to be gluten free.

  2. Okay, I’m just learning this new millenium skill of following a blog. I now know that I must “check” the box so that I will be notified of follow-up comments. I did not realize that you had already given your answer to my gluten question. I apologize for the repeated question(s) about your use, or non-use, of gluten.

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