the kind of problem a vegan is


So as I mentioned, we’re in the process of beginning Great Lent. With Meatfare Sunday looming near, I’ve been invited for one last meaty fling tonight – a Meat and Cheese Party. I think I should use some sort of faux meat, but not tofu or other store-bought soy products. And a faux cheese, but my homemade won’t fool anyone. And then it has to be good enough that non-vegans won’t mind eating it alongside the real thing, on one of the very last days they will be able to eat meat for a long while. It’s a lot of pressure.

Any suggestions??

4 thoughts on “the kind of problem a vegan is

  1. Hmmmmmm…….nope. You’re an excellent cook! I LOVE the tahini “cheese” sauce you make, in particular that wonderful eggplant dish! YUM

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