vegan mac n cheese, and…skulls!!

Yesterday I asked if anyone could guess what I was making for the Meat and Cheese Party. There were a couple good guesses (Alfredo & Mickey Dip), but neither were correct. Although I actually almost did make an Alfredo sauce (I also almost bought a jar of a vegan kind I found that looked awesome), and I now kind of wish I would’ve made the dip!

So, when I went to the store I just grabbed some random ingredients I thought would work well for a vegan Mac n Cheese. Or shells n cheese, in this case. I ended up looking up a recipe when I got home and found one that worked with everything I had, but…I do regret following the recipe’s instructions instead of going with my instincts.

201338 MnC
The recipe said to add all the ingredients to the cooked, drained pasta, and stir over low-medium heat. I normally would have melted the margarine, then added the Daiya to it and stirred until it melted, then added the (Better Than brand) sour cream & unsweetened almond milk. The recipe called for lots of seasonings and 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast. I did 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast, and only added salt and pepper.

201338 MnC2
It tasted pretty good, although I used gluten free pasta that went from not done at all to a little overdone really quickly! But people claimed to like it : ) Anyway, the only thing is, I think it would’ve been a lot creamier and smoother if the ingredients were melted and then the pasta added, instead of adding everything to the pasta. I might try again during Cheesefare Week (begins this Monday, along with Pizza Week).

So after yet another lovely dinner party hosted by A., on my way home I noticed something weird in the window of the old Public Museum. It didn’t really register until I had already driven past, but I decided to turn around and have a little adventure.

201338 skulls
So I quickly parked, and ran back down the street to snap a few shots of these very strange skulls.

201338 skulls2
What is the meaning of this? I do not know.

201338 skulls3
I love skulls, but…I don’t get these. I would like to take all the stuff off them and just have a display of skulls (although I do like the little hat). What do you think?

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