Meatfare Sunday analogue

Meatfare Sunday for vegans. I might be doing it wrong. Today is traditionally the last day to eat meat until we celebrate Pascha on May 5, so while I was at the health food store the other day I picked up this weird peanut-based mock meat. Yes, PEANUT.

My family was having lasagna for dinner, so I decided to do something slightly resembling Italian.

2013310 Meatfare
I keep hearing how great coconut oil is, so I’m trying it out. I used it to saute these onions with lots of salt, black pepper, and a little basil.

2013310 Meatfare2
I stirred in some fresh tomatoes, put the lid on and let them cook down on medium heat to make a sauce. Meanwhile…

2013310 Meatfare3
A gluten free, soy free product.

2013310 Meatfare4
The texture reminded me of Braunschweiger. That actually was a favorite of mine back in the day.

2013310 Meatfare5
I decided to try to firm it up by cooking it in…more coconut oil.

2013310 Meatfare6
It browned nicely, but still didn’t really firm up. Also, I tasted it before and after, and I think heating it brought out more of the peanut flavor. Strange.

2013310 Meatfare7
Back to the sauce. After the tomatoes cooked down, I stirred in a couple tablespoons of flour,

2013310 Meatfare8
then stirred in plain unsweetened almond milk a little at a time, until I had a nice thin sauce.

2013310 Meatfare9
I added about 1/4 C couscous.

2013310 Meatfare10
It got nice and creamy.

2013310 Meatfare11
I was taking this to Tete’s house, so I just threw the “meat” on top.

2013310 Meatfare12
I really liked the couscous, although I wish at the end I had added a little olive oil just for flavor.

2013310 Meatfare13
As for the faux meat, I think I need to play around with it a little. The “fine herb” flavor I purchased didn’t seem to have quite enough fine herbs. I realized during dinner, I really should finish the other half of it tonight. I have four hours left to experiment, so I’ll post later if I can figure out what to do with it!

4 thoughts on “Meatfare Sunday analogue

  1. An interesting new analogue to be sure. Back in the day I ate Braunschweiger sandwiches with a ton of mustard and lots of sliced onion. If I ever buy this faux meat I’d be tempted to add sauteed garlic along with horseradish and raw sauerkraut. Whoops! Now I’m hungry!

  2. So what did you think of the coconut oil? I really like using it. We just used it on the griddle Saturday for our pancakes. And I really like coconut milk as well for baking and cooking.
    Are you attempting to go gluten-free?
    And do you always have to prepare your own food when you eat with family?

    • The coconut oil doesn’t taste like anything to me, but I like cooking with it so far. I used it to make crackers a while back, too, and it worked well.

      I only have to bring something for myself once in a while, it depends what we’re having. But I don’t expect my Tete to buy all the special, expensive (or weird) ingredients needed to make a vegan lasagna! If it’s Syrian food, she usually does the regular version and a Lenten version.

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