meaty Meatfare continues

I’m trying really hard to eat the rest of this Elianni’s veggie roll stuff. Even though the texture is only kind of like Braunschweiger and it doesn’t actually taste like it, I decided to just pretend it’s the same stuff. I only remember eating it plain, so I did some googling to see how other people used it. Pretty much everyone made an open face sandwich.

2013310 moreMeatfare
This one is sour cream sprinkled with salt and pepper, a few slices of…stuff…and Daiya cheddar melted under the broiler.

2013310 moreMeatfare2
For the next one I decided to make a spread…

2013310 moreMeatfare3
I added the sour cream in with salt, pepper and garlic.

2013310 moreMeatfare4
Spread it on thick.

2013310 moreMeatfare5
Like, really thick.

2013310 moreMeatfare6
And then the whole melted cheese thing again. Somehow it tasted better this way.

2013310 moreMeatfare7
Now we’ll combine the two, and add onions,

2013310 moreMeatfare8

2013310 moreMeatfare9
and lots of mustard. The onions kind of gave me heartburn, I think I needed a thinner slice. It was still good, but the mustard was the best part. And…I still haven’t eaten it all. I don’t know if I can finish it.

I almost forgot to remind everyone: PIZZA WEEK 2013 begins TOMORROW!!!

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