Just a quick reminder: Pizza Week 2013 begins today.

Once again, the rules are:

1. You must eat pizza at least 1 time every day. It does not have to constitute a whole meal, but it can.
2. You must eat a standard size piece of pizza at least.
3. You can eat any type of pizza you want – thin, pan, Chicago style, etc.
4. You may eat pizza multiple times in one day.
5. You can put anything on the pizza you want (though meat is technically not allowed that week, please consult your priest or spiritual father to discuss your personal fasting rule).
6. You don’t have to be Orthodox or be giving up pizza for Lent to participate in Pizza Week (though that’s generally the point).
7. It is highly recommended that the next time you eat pizza after March 17th at 11:59 pm is after the Anastasi Service on Pascha (generally about 1-3am on Sunday, May 5th.)

In case there is any doubt, we are talking about REAL cheese pizza for Pizza Week. Eating vegan pizza during Lent is a completely separate entity and in no way affects the splendor or legitimacy of Pizza Week (unless you are already a vegan and plan to give up vegan pizza for Lent).

If you’re participating in Pizza Week, comment below and let me know what you’re having!

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