Mmm…gruel. Teff gruel.

Time for more simple Lenten recipes. Gruel. This is similar to the teff porridge I made earlier.

2013311 teff gruel
I added 1/4 C teff flour to about 2 tsp coconut oil.

2013311 teff gruel2
Seasoned it with plenty of salt and pepper…

2013311 teff gruel3
and about 1 1/2 Tbsp nutritional yeast.

2013311 teff gruel4
I added 2 C water and stirred regularly over medium-high heat,

2013311 teff gruel5
until it began to thicken.

2013311 teff gruel6

But not too much, it should be like soup. After about 10 minutes or so, you’ll notice it’s not getting any thicker. That’s when it’s done.

2013311 teff gruel7
Of course it’s Cheesefare Week, so I added some Daiya cheddar.

2013311 teff gruel8
It’s not the prettiest thing, but…it’s gruel. And it’s Lent.

2013311 teff gruel9
Garnish with a little extra nutritional yeast to give it a little color.

If you leave out the coconut oil and faux cheese, this is a perfectly Lenten meal for an oil-free fasting day. In that case, I would recommend adding an extra 1/2 tbsp of nutritional yeast (making it 2 Tbsp instead of 1 1/2) and little garlic. Maybe a pinch more salt. The pepper really comes through in this, so don’t go crazy.

This is a gluten free meal, minus the garlic bread I ate with it.


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