goodbye, Pizza Week 2013!

We have now reached the end of Cheesefare Week 2013, and with it, the end of Pizza Week. Given that there is traditionally a complete fast during the first three days of Great Lent, this will be my last food post until at least Wednesday night after Presanctified Liturgy. Maybe I’ll get some good pictures from the potluck.

Anyway. My last few pizzas from this weekend.

2013317 final pizzas
Slices of fresh garlic about to get coated with olive oil…

2013317 final pizzas2
Those are some of the alfonso olives I marinated in olive oil and lemon juice a while back.

2013317 final pizzas3
Makes a nice looking pizza.

2013317 final pizzas4
With Daiya mozzarella.

2013317 final pizzas5
You can see tons of onions, I used some leftover extra oniony sauce from the other night.

2013317 final pizzas7
Now, the other day we celebrated my mom’s birthday, about a month late. At the very last minute, inspired by my Pizza Week blog posts, she asked to have a pizza party. She got a crust recipe and we made it gluten free…

2013317 final pizzas8
Using 2 1/2 C teff, 1/2 rice flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 Tbsp sugar, 2 Tbsp vegetable oil, 2 packets of yeast…

2013317 final pizzas9
and 1 C warm water.

2013317 final pizzas10
The recipe just said to “mix the ingredients” and didn’t mention kneading it. But…I kneaded it anyway. Maybe that was a mistake.

2013317 final pizzas11
It made a very firm dough. I’d like to note here, this seemed really off compared to the recipe I normally use, but it was supposed to be a dough you can use right away instead of waiting for it to rise. But there was something else strange. The next step was to simply “spread” the dough out in your pan, top it and bake at 350.

2013317 final pizzas12
This dough was simply not spreadable. It took a lot of work to cover the pan. It took probably 15 minutes.
(By the way, my arms really are not that hairy in real life, I don’t know what’s going on in the picture!)

2013317 final pizzas13
And it was really thick! I usually bake my pizzas at 500 for 12 – 15 minutes, this one needed 20 – 25 at 350. I just followed the instructions…

2013317 final pizzas14
One side has the last of my oniony sauce, the other side has a kalamata olive spread.

2013317 final pizzas15
Mushrooms, artichokes, capers, fresh garlic, sun dried tomatoes, dehydrated eggplant…

2013317 final pizzas16
Daiya mozzarella. Again. So, I baked it like it said, but around the 25 minute mark I checked it, and the crust was really soft and seemed kind of doughy. So I raised the temperature and let it go another 10 minutes, and then…

2013317 final pizzas17
the crust came out really, REALLY hard. Maybe if I had taken it out when it seemed doughy, it would’ve firmed up as it cooled. I dunno. Maybe I shouldn’t have used so much teff (but I have used it 1 for 1 when subbing it for flour in cookies, cake & pancakes). Mother said we could use it to sharpen our teeth. Still, we did eat most of the pizza.

Allow me to get a little off track, I just want to show my sister’s workmanship on the party decorations she made:

2013317 zbday
She did the vases with the little purple flowers, and the photo tree. Would like you to see some old pictures of my mom? Sure.

2013317 zbday2
Actually the one on the bottom here is only a few years ago, at my sister’s wedding.

2013317 zbday3
I like these ones from the mid 70s…

2013317 zbday4
This is my favorite. You can’t tell, but she’s pregnant with my brother here.

2013317 zbday5
And even more pregnant here.

2013317 zbday6
Nice orange vest, mom.

2013317 zbday7
And nice work on the tree, sis!

2013317 zbday8
The vases were so pretty.

2013317 zbday9
And my grandma made her Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake – basically, a depression-era spice cake.

2013317 zbday10
My nephew did the candles.

Now back to the pizza.

2013317 final pizzas20
Instead of our usual Sunday dinner tonight, we decided to have…pizza. I didn’t have to worry about what to make because a friend actually made a pizza for me!

2013317 final pizzas18
One half is a margarita pizza, the other half has caramelized onions and BBQ pineapple (and what I believe is more Daiya mozzarella).

2013317 final pizzas19
I’ve only ever had pineapple on pizza once before, by accident. I hated it. But this was really good, I think the BBQ sauce is what makes the difference.

And that is it for Pizza Week 2013, I hope you all enjoyed. A blessed Lent to you all!

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  1. Just so you know I finished off the leftover pizza and enjoyed it every bit as much as Saturday! After sitting it wasn’t nearly as crunchy! I’m going to try that recipe again and follow the instructions and see how it turns out.

    Jourdan’s gift was awesome! I’ll be enjoying it for years to come! I have the best kids ever!

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