Greek Wild Tea/Mountain Tea

Today I remembered something I stashed away at work. My brother likes to go shopping at the nearby Middle Eastern market whenever he’s home, and buy really random things that he doesn’t have time to finish. And so we get to enjoy whatever is leftover!

2013319 wild tea
The roads didn’t seem too bad when I woke up this morning, and I didn’t check my email to see Matins was canceled. So…

2013319 wild tea2
about halfway to church the snow really started coming down. I tried to stay calm as half the people around me started driving like old ladies (no offense to the elderly, but) and the other half sped around them. I wanted to speed around them, too, but I am trying to be more patient.

2013319 wild tea3
It sure was cold out, though. When I got to the empty church, of course the first thing I did was turn on the space heater in my office.

2013319 wild tea4
The second thing I did was make some Wild Tea imported from Athens, Greece. I don’t how to describe the flavor…just a nice, mild tea. Nothing fancy. But a couple steps up from my usual plain hot water. Thanks, bro!

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  1. I’d love to know what you were drinking! Come summer I’ll have lots of wild things in my backyard I can dry for you to brew up for your morning tea. Won’t be as nearly as exotic as Athens but it will be VERY local!

  2. There’s two ways……one way to is cut the plant matter and dry it. The easiest way to dry it is to simply put the plant matter in brown grocery bags and let it dry. Or you can hang it but…..then it gets dusty. Dry it whole, waiting to scrunch it up until you use it. In this way you’ll experience far more flavor. Once it’s dry put the dried _____________ in a tea ball and steep.

    You can also just cut, let’s say mint [or dandelion greens, or purslane, lambsquarters, nettles, etc] from the garden and place in a tea ball or just in your cup and pour hot water over it. Allow to steep and enjoy. Or you can make sun tea. I actually make mine in the fridge. Or add fresh mint [or other weed or herb] to a glass of cold water for a lightly infused drink.

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