Lenten banana oatmeal treats

I forgot to take a picture of all the potluck food last night, and I forgot to take a picture of my plate until after I started eating! There were so many good things, though. I’ll post the picture I did get, along with pictures of what I brought, probably tomorrow night. Well, for now I do have pictures of one other thing I made – these 2 ingredient “cookies” I found over at The Burlap Bag. I say “cookies” because, in my very humble opinion, they didn’t really have the right texture. But…they were really good. And way better than I thought they could possibly be without sugar! Preheat your oven to 350.

2013320 banana snack
Two bananas.

2013320 banana snack2

2013320 banana snack3
1 C quick cooking oatmeal. You could stop there, but…

2013320 banana snack4
Optional: chocolate chips. I also added a pinch of salt. You know about me and salt.

2013320 banana snack5
On a greased baking sheet, I got 15 smallish cookies out of this recipe. Bake for 15 minutes.

2013320 banana snack6
They were very soft, I’m not just sure what they were like. I wonder, though, how you can ever go wrong with bananas and chocolate. I forgot to put them out with the other potluck items, but still they were found and eaten – all but a few, which someone took home before I had a chance to grab them. Success. Thank you, Burlap Bag!!

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  1. What is the burlap bag?

    BTW, thanks for coming up with a yummy cookie recipe w/out white and/or brown sugar. I’m going to make these an soon!

    • Dearest, I didn’t come up with it – The Burlap Bag is a website (click the link at the top of the post), and I found the recipe there. I think you will like this, sweet from the fruit, but not too sweet. You could skip the chocolate and add a little cinnamon and maybe some walnuts and raisins.

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