*very* busy weekend: fundraiser & Lenten pancake breakfast

I am typing this laying down on the couch with my eyes half closed. For the past few months, I’ve been working with a group of ladies from church preparing for our Women’s Month fundraiser. This year each women’s organization in our Archdiocese was asked to raise money for the Antiochian Village Tornado Relief Fund, and we decided to do something other than a bake sale – not that I have anything against bake sales, of course. But we just needed to mix it up.

I don’t normally watch reality TV (or much TV at all), but one night flipping through channels I caught an episode of “Dina’s Party” on HGTV. Dina Manzo was staging a house with donated furniture she fixed up to sell for a charity fundraiser. Of course she had a mansion for her setting, but we decided to try the same for our fundraiser using the lobby in our church. After the potluck Wednesday night, I spent about an hour carrying things up from the church basement. Thursday a couple other ladies came (and one strong husband, thankfully) and we finished bringing everything out and started setting up. Friday we started pricing the items. (Friday night we had the first Akathist service of the year, but I forgot my camera to take a picture of the lovely Romanian church it was held at, and the awesome food they served after.)

Here’s a video walk-through I made once we had most of the items out…

Anyway. Between finishing with setup, the actual sale, and putting things away, we spent a good 8 hours on the sale Saturday, followed by Vespers, followed by Little Africa. Then I was so wound up I couldn’t sleep until 2:30am. I had to read the epistle yesterday but had no time to practice, so I taped the reading to the outside of the glass shower door and practiced while I washed my hair before bed. Theeeeeeen in the morning before Liturgy I started setting up for the annual Lenten Pancake Breakfast, hosted by our Ladies Guild.

2013324 pancakes
The breakfast takes place on the first Sunday of Great Lent. We have to make A LOT of pancakes. We use 4 boxes of regular pancake mix, 3 half gallons of milk alternative (this year we did vanilla soy milk because on of our parishioners has a tree nut & coconut allergy), almost a whole 32 ounce bottle of vegetable oil, and tons of Ener-G Egg Replacer.

2013324 pancakes2
For the first hundred or so pancakes, I poured the batter while a friend flipped.

2013324 pancakes3
The goal is to fit 18 pancakes at a time on the flat top grill. It took a few tries, but I got it down!

2013324 pancakes4
Did I mention we also had gluten free pancakes?

2013324 pancakes5
They turned out really thick and fluffy. I ate a couple of the extras and I thought the texture was really nice, just like a normal, gluten-filled pancake. Yum.

2013324 pancakes6
I couldn’t get out of the kitchen until the very end, and only got a couple shots…after most of the food was gone (the far table started out covered with platters of fruit).

2013324 pancakes7
But I did manage to capture someone just about to enjoy his gluten free pancakes. A word of advice about shoes for something like this, though…

2013324 pancakes8
These are my favorite shoes, but my feet are killing me! Probably better to wear flats next time. On the bright side,

2013324 pancakes9
one of my friends donated the necklaces that were draped over the jewelry box and hanging from the jewelry holder at the fundraiser. I told her I had been admiring this necklace, and after the breakfast I found it hidden inside my purse! I’m trying to convince her to open an etsy shop : )

I’m very thankful for all the help I had with the fundraiser and breakfast. I have a lot of great ladies in my life!

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