2013 Lenten potluck #2: Potato Cakes & Gluten Free Cookies

I just got home from Presanctified Liturgy and the Lenten potluck that follows, and I thought I would post a little something now instead of saving it all for tomorrow. Tonight I brought potato cakes, gluten free peanut butter cookies, and some leftover spice cake from my grandma (we froze it after my mom’s birthday party). Here’s what I did for the potato cakes:

2013327 potluck potatoes
Preheat the oven to 425. 5 lbs of Klondike Rose potatoes, washed. I poked them all over with a fork.

2013327 potluck potatoes2
I’m not sure how I long I baked them, at least 30 minutes, maybe closer to 45. I just keep an eye on them and give them a little squeeze (with an oven mitt on) to see if they’re done. Once they’re cool enough to handle, the skin practically peels right off in your hands – it’s okay if you don’t get all of it. At least I think so.

2013327 potluck potatoes3
I mashed them up, although not completely smooth, and added a few tablespoons of tahini. I also added a bit of salt, and garlic powder.

2013327 potluck potatoes5
Mix it all in. Might not hurt to use a handmixer, but I just stirred and stirred and turned and stirred with a spoon. Line a baking dish or two with parchment paper, or just grease them.

2013327 potluck potatoes6
Get a spoonful of the mixture…

2013327 potluck potatoes7
get your hands dirty…

2013327 potluck potatoes8
and make a little round cake. And then another.

2013327 potluck potatoes9
And then a few more.

2013327 potluck potatoes10
Keep going!!!

2013327 potluck potatoes11
I covered mine in foil and threw them in the huge convection oven at church during the Liturgy for not quite an hour at 275. Then I rushed over to the kitchen, took the foil off and turned the heat up to 350 and baked for another 5 to 10 minutes.

2013327 potluck potatoes12
I made 35, but I would’ve gotten around 40 or so if I hadn’t run out of room in the pans (and run out of time!).

Now, would you like to see the rest of the potluck food? Good. Because I actually remembered to take pictures this time.

2013327 2potluck
Lots of healthy, fresh fruit. You can also see my cookies and my grandma’s spice cake.

2013327 2potluck2
Soup, hummus, bread & crackers, pecans that looked like they had some kind of glaze on them, and I believe the covered dish is shrimp jambalaya.

2013327 2potluck3
Yep, you can see the label on it : ) It’s one of the staple items at the potlucks. And this is Nadira’s soup, it was REALLY good! I don’t know how she made it so creamy, and there were big chunks of potato and carrot.

2013327 2potluck4
I’ve never seen so many soups at the potluck before. People had to take multiple bowls at once, but it was still impossible to get some of everything.

2013327 2potluck5
I tried, though. The chili with avocado was excellent, and I’m always a fan of the classic Ants on a Log. I went back and got another soup with beans, chickpeas and mushrooms that was really good. I wanted to try all the rest, but I was full and did not want to commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins while at a Lenten potluck. Looking forward to next week, though!

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  1. Taste and See that The LORD IS GOOD , as we taste how the food was yesterday good , Give Thanks To LORD for every thing he gave to us .

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