big fat sandwich

I love sandwiches, and I like mixing all different kinds of flavors together. If you can’t think of something to eat during Lent, just get two pieces of bread and then go through your fridge and take out every vegetable, legume and Lenten condiment you can find. You don’t have to use *all* of them, but it’s good to have plenty of options.

2013331 sandwich
Ezekiel bread, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onion, dill pickles, yellow peppers. I also grabbed a couple different mustards (nearly impossible to have too many), tahini, horseradish and some leftover refried beans.

2013331 sandwich2
Spread tahini on toast. You should at least sprinkle it with a bit of salt, but I also added nutritional yeast.

2013331 sandwich3
One layer of romaine with Dijon mustard, topped with more romaine and plain yellow mustard. The other side is onion with spicy brown.

2013331 sandwich4
Pickles, and tomato with horseradish (sounds weird, but you can get mustard with horseradish, so why not?)

2013331 sandwich5
Refried beans, more tahini and nutritional yeast with salt. Spicy yellow peppers on the other side.

2013331 sandwich6
You could easily make this a taco sandwich by spicing up the tahini, adding tortilla chips, and cutting down on the mustard. Let it sit for a while so the flavors have a chance to commingle – Alton Brown would wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge for an hour!

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