prayers, politicians and being prudent

201346 Akathist
On Friday nights during Great Lent, the Eastern Orthodox churches around town (there are six) take turns hosting the Akathist.

201346 Akathist2
It’s nice to visit the other churches and see people you might not otherwise see very regularly, and get a chance to hear the other chanters and choirs.

201346 Akathist3
Last night we went to St. George,

201346 Akathist4
a small but beautiful church.

201346 Akathist5
There is always a coffee hour afterwards, and a guest speaker.

201346 Akathist6
Last night our guest speaker was Justin Amash. I don’t know much (at all) about politics, but just as a person Justin is a very friendly, down to earth guy. He talked about what it’s like to be an Orthodox Christian in public office, and answered lots of questions. He stuck around afterwards and chatted with anyone who wanted to talk more.

"Stand at the brink of despair, and when you see that you cannot bear it anymore, draw back a little, and have a cup of tea." - Elder Sophrony

“Stand at the brink of despair, and when you see that you cannot bear it anymore, draw back a little, and have a cup of tea.” – Elder Sophrony

So, about being prudent. Late yesterday afternoon I suddenly got a terrible headache. Thinking it was a migraine, Fr. R suggested I drink a cup of coffee. I ended up having three, which seemed to help…for a little while. When it wouldn’t go away, I should have stayed home last night and drank LOTS of cups of tea and went to bed early, but I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Well guess what? Now I’m sick.

201346 cup o tea
By the time I got home I could really feel this stupid cold moving in. It was too late to prevent it, but I thought maybe I could help it along.

201346 cup o tea2
I added lots of cayenne…

201346 cup o tea3
After I stirred it up to get most of the cayenne in the center, I tried to drink it as fast as I could without smelling it (kind of makes me cough). It didn’t seem hot enough, so I decided to cook something.

201346 cup o tea4
I made a huge serving of teff porridge, added tons of cayenne with coconut oil, soy sauce and coconut sugar. I don’t know if it was helpful at all, but it tasted good.

201346 cup o tea5
This morning, after sleeping in until quarter to 11, I experimented with carbs. Nope. The cold is still here. I think I will stick to tea and lots of sleep and see what happens.

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  1. To help with my last cold I filled the sink with hot water…as hot as I could stand, and stuck my face in it for 20 seconds or do at a time. Helped clear stuffy nose. Drinking steaming hot water that burns the tongue also help.

  2. You’d rather burn your face? I don’t burn my face…just get it very, very warm.

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