visit to Holy Trinity Monastery

Today I went with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Smith Creek.

2013413 monastery7
This is the monastery.

2013413 monastery8
In the church.

2013413 monastery14
The bells.

2013413 monastery16

2013413 monastery22
I wish I could live in a house like this…

2013413 monastery23
but without being a monastic.

2013413 monastery24

2013413 monastery25

2013413 monastery26

2013413 monastery5
We stayed for lunch, this is the dining area. While we were in the sitting room, my 2-year-old nephew impatiently asked, “When are the monks going to bring us food?”

2013413 monastery3
Salad, vegetarian chili, Lenten shortbread cookie (koulouria), olives, bread & we think taramosalata, a carp roe dip (only my sister tried it, but she loved it).

2013413 monastery4
I had the cake on the right, with raisins and nuts in it. The other is a Lenten version of Kourabiethes, a Greek butter cookie with almonds, brushed with orange flower and rolled in confectioners sugar. The Fruit Delight candy is basically Turkish Delight with fruit or nuts in it, and made without gelatin.

I hope we can go back for a visit in the summer. Even though it’s supposed to be spring, on the way home we drove through sunshine, rain, hail, and snow – basically in that order, over and over again! But there’s a path with benches that goes around the monastery, beside the lake, and it would be lovely when it’s warm and the sun is out.

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