bishops and baby showers!

This was a VERY busy weekend! Bishop Anthony was visiting our sister parish, but he came to our church Friday since we were hosting the final Akathist service. Saturday I had a baby shower in the afternoon, Vespers with the bishop at the other church, grabbed dinner at my favorite restaurant, then a long drive out to a family gathering. Today after church, I came home and slept on the couch for 4 hours. Here are some shots from the weekend:

2013420 Akathist
Priests, deacons and acolytes during the Akathist

2013420 Akathist2
Our Bishop!

2013420 Akathist3
I asked to prepare the Bishop’s table, where he’d sit during the presentation after the Akathist (our guest speaker was a representative of International Orthodox Christian Charities). I hope I didn’t make it too girly with the flowers and floral napkins, I just wanted it to be beautiful. I baked the cookies & cupcakes on the left, behind the flowers – I’ll post about those later. I brought some fruit & olives and made my beans in coconut milk (not pictured), and others brought the rest.

2013420 Akathist4
Bishop Anthony, Dn. Clem & Fr. Gregory

After a late night Friday, I got to relax and enjoy some great company at what was probably the cutest baby shower I’ve ever been to.

2013420 Shower
This shower was hosted by my friend over at TheShooz. As one guest pointed out, we wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up all over Pinterest!

2013420 Shower2
Since the gender of little Baby VanB is a surprise, the color theme was a gender-neutral yellow, green & white.

2013420 Shower3
The owls were handmade by our host

2013420 Shower4
Are you noticing this? Even the food matches the color theme…

2013420 Shower5
and there were vegan cupcakes! With avocado frosting. It took a lot of effort to only eat one, but I got to take one home, too.

2013420 Shower6
The beverage bar

2013420 Shower7
I just wanted a picture of the buffet : ) But also shown here…

2013420 Shower8
the party favors – little pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and silver sugar

2013420 Shower9
There were lovely little pennants,

2013420 Shower12
and big paper flowers hung from the ceiling.

2013420 Shower13
And a table with stamps, various sizes of colored and patterned paper, and pens so we could write a little note to our dear expectant friend. The table itself was covered in a big sheet of brown paper, just in case anyone got carried away, I think.

Then after all this fun, I headed over to St. George

2013420 Vespers
The priests and deacons, on their way to receive a blessing from the bishop before vesting

2013420 Vespers2
Bishop Anthony & the chanters. At the end of Vespers, a parishioner was ordained a subdeacon. I didn’t get so many pictures of this, but I made a bunch of videos. Maybe I’ll post them later.

And then…DINNER!

2013420 Vespers3
At my favorite restaurant ever in the whole world: Little Africa

2013420 Vespers4
Round one

2013420 Vespers5
Round two (I didn’t eat it *all* myself, I was sharing!)

I didn’t get pictures at the family gathering, but it was pretty wild. My cousin just moved into a HUGE house that looks like a log cabin-type lodge. She and her mom are in the food business, so there was tons to eat everywhere (even some vegan stuff, but I couldn’t eat anymore). Upstairs in a large room, perfect for hosting parties, a band played. Yes. A band. In the house. It was impressive.

And now that I’ve recovered with a nice, long nap, I’m planning to bake cookies late into the night. How was your weekend?

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  1. You are making me hungry! Our weekend was good as well (you did ask!), but not quite as busy. We saw “Anne of Green Gables” at the Civic, went ice skating with the Khoreys, and enjoyed a nice afternoon of outdoor playtime yesterday afternoon at the park (with Runner too! She was worn out!). And Hamilton and I ended the weekend making “Afternoon Tea Scones w/ Strawberry Jam”, a recipe from his “Redwall Cookbook”, which is an addition to a long book series that he loves and has been rereading.

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