St. Mary of Egypt

St. Mary of Egypt Commemorated on the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent
The pollution of past sins prevented thee from entering the church to see the elevation of the Holy Cross; but then thy conscience and the awareness of thine actions turned thee, O wise in God, to a better way of life. And, having looked upon the icon of the blessed Maid of God, thou hast condemned all thy previous transgressions, O Mother Mary of Egypt worthy of all praise, and so hast gone with boldness to venerate the Precious Cross.

Having worshiped at the holy places with great joy, thou hast received saving grace for the journey of virtue, and with all haste thou hast set out upon the good path thou hast chosen. Crossing the stream of Jordan, with eagerness thou hast gone to live in the dwelling-place of the Baptist. Thou hast tamed the savagery of the passions through thine ascetic way of life, and boldly thou hast broken the rebelliousness of the flesh, O ever-glorious Mother Mary of Egypt.

Having gone to dwell in the wilderness, thou hast blotted out from thy soul the images of thy sensual passions, and hast marked upon it the God-given imprint of holiness. Thou hast attained such glory, O venerable one, as to walk upon the surface of the waters, and in thy prayers to God thou wast raised up from the earth. And now, all-glorious Mother Mary of Egypt, standing before Christ with boldness, entreat Him for our souls.

-From the praises of the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, for St. Mary of Egypt

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