All Things are Possible to Thee

1LazarusO Lord, wishing to see the tomb of Lazarus — for Thou wast soon to dwell by Thine own choice within a tomb — Thou hast asked: Where have ye laid him? And, learning that which was already known to Thee, Thou hast cried to him whom Thou hast loved: Lazarus, come forth. And he who was without breath obeyed the One Who gave him breath, even Thee, the Savior of our souls.

Standing before the tomb of Lazarus, O Savior, and calling to the dead man, Thou hast raised him as from sleep. He shook off corruption through the Spirit of incorruption, and at Thy word he came out bound with grave-clothes. All things are possible to Thee, all things serve Thee, O loving Lord, all things submit to Thee. O our Savior, glory to Thee.

Stichera & Doxostikon for Lazarus Saturday

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