cookbook collection: Recipes and Remembrances

A while back I thought I’d start posting about my cookbook collection. I posted once about two books, and then…I kind of forgot. That is a shame. Maybe it’s because I rarely ever use cookbooks the way they’re intended to be used. I like reading them for fun, and sometimes just look at the pictures for inspiration. Anyway, here’s a book I actually used a recipe from.

2013428 cookbook
Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen. It’s a rather large book with a lot more to offer besides recipes.

2013428 cookbook2
There are Arabic sayings throughout the book, history, and anecdotes. I did successfully use this pita bread recipe,

2013428 cookbook3
and also enjoyed the story that goes with it.

2013428 cookbook4
There are lovely pictures…

2013428 cookbook5
lots to learn.

This 438 page book(!) contains recipes from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Highly recommended for anyone who loves Middle Eastern food, and wants to learn more about the culture.

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