bread salad

Nope, it’s not fettoush. But sometimes I like to add bread to my salads to make them more filling. Anyway, it’s still just a salad, but since you’re probably used to me writing things under the pictures, I’ll do a little something…

2013429 salad
Bread. Torn into pieces. Use your favorite.

2013429 salad2
Stuffed olives, sliced.

2013429 salad3

2013429 salad4

2013429 salad5

2013429 salad6

2013429 salad7
A tahini dressing. Use whatever dressing you like, though. (This one was tahini, lemon juice, water, salt, garlic, turmeric)

2013429 salad8
Mix it up. I like it when the bread soaks up the dressing. That’s my favorite.

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