Marie’s for a birthday lunch

There was a very special birthday to be celebrated this week. And since a special day calls for a special meal, we headed over to Marie’s.

201351 Maries2
Luckily we got there *just* before the lunchtime rush. We only had to wait a few minutes, but the usual huge line started forming shortly after we got our table.

201351 Maries5
We all three adults ordered the exact same meal – The Special, vegan, with split pea and sweet potato soup. I wonder if the soup had chili oil in it, it had a little bite to it.

201351 Maries6
And the vegan version of the sandwich, a Chipotle tofu (as opposed to chicken) salad sandwich. Avocado, spinach and tofu in a very garlicy mayo-based (I think) Chipotle sauce, with fresh cilantro, all between two HUGE slices of toasted barley bread. I wished the sandwich could’ve lasted forever, but I’m glad it didn’t because I have no self control and just would have kept eating and eating.

201351 Maries8
Well. Maybe not quite, as attested to by these bits of bread I couldn’t finish. And also the fact I actually turned down the chance to have a delicious vegan dessert. Anyway, I turned it down the first time…then we went to Oma’s.

201351 Mariesz
For most people, birthday candles represent the age they are. In this case, the candles represent the age we hope he will live to be!

201351 Marieszz2
Lenten Linzer Torte and Creamy Earl Grey tea. Happy Birthday, Fr. R! Still working on the present…..

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