Pascha Basket

Well, my Pascha basket wasn’t as fancy as, say, the ones shown on OrthodoxNorthwest, but I do have fun finding random things for it each year.

201356 Pascha basket
This year I was thrilled to discover the Michigan-made “Teta Foods” brand. Teta is another way of saying “grandmother” in Arabic, and this garlic spread is amazing.

I realize most people don’t think of mustard when they think of breaking the fast. I bought it because I would never normally spend so much on even my favorite condiment.

I’m looking forward to trying the dark chocolate with sea salt, and the Righteously Raw chocolate beverage. I was disappointed with Emmy’s Granola, though. I was kind of dried out and really hard. It made a nice treat for Jack.

The more traditional Easter candy is for my little nephew, and the Fre wine (wine with “alcohol removed”) is for my prego sis. I am in the process of enjoying the Johnny Walker Black Label myself.

Saturday I waited as long as possible to head over to Little Africa and get a takeout box (and a half) filled with my favorite stuff. The salad doesn’t hold up too well sitting out for three hours, maybe I’ll skip that one next year. Also, next year I’d like to spring for a nice needlepoint basket cover, and maybe an open basket instead of my pic-a-nic basket.

What did you have in your Pascha basket this year??

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  1. I left it up to the kids and they voted for cinnamin rolls for the second year in a row. We brought fifty or so, and I guess the priest’s blessing was a good one, since we brought an empty basket home.

  2. XB!

    Thank you so much for mentioning OrthodoxNorthwest on your site! I am glad you liked the Paschal Baskets, they are always such a joyous site. Your site makes me a bit hungry…. : ) Did you know the Paschal Basket is supposed to have some traditional foods in it? All of them symbolize something. Here are a couple of links you and your readers might enjoy:

    My Hrin (Horseradish) is always mixed with yogurt to make it creamy. As the Horseradish is fresh from my Garden, I enjoy seeing peoples ears light up when they have a bite! Thank you again for the mention and keep on cooking. If you want the 2nd Best Pascha cheese recipe ever contact me. It was given to my wife by the servant of God Sergei + , the best recipe I can’t share because our dear old Babushka Evgenia + passed away and could not write it down or explain it. May you have a Blessed Bright Week. Anthony

    • You’re very welcome! And thank you for the links. I’m familiar with the traditional foods, however…well, being a vegan, the only really traditional basket items I might do are salt and wine 🙂 But I’m not much of a wine drinker, hence the Scotch.

      Until last year, only a few people brought Pascha baskets to be blessed, and we never shared them. I guess we’ve started our own tradition of bringing our favorite foods that we’ve missed during the Fast. It is so interesting to see what everyone brings. I’m sure as it catches on people will pick up on the traditional foods, too. The Hrin sounds good, I would like that for sandwiches….

      Thank you again. Blessed Bright Week to you, too!

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