Injera Porridge (fir-fir) with Spinach

201359 spinach injera
So I had some injera leftover from my takeout a while back, and I threw it in the freezer to save for later. Here’s what I did with it…

201359 spinach injera2
Green onions,

201359 spinach injera3

201359 spinach injera4
I only had a few, so I added some white onion. And of course, fresh garlic.

201359 spinach injera5
Saute in margarine until soft.

201359 spinach injera6
Seasoned with a berbere blend, cumin and turmeric. I also added nutritional yeast, optional.

201359 spinach injera7
Tear or cut up the thawed bread, and add it to your pan.

201359 spinach injera8

201359 spinach injera9
Add some spinach. I used baby spinach that was already washed and ready to use.

201359 spinach injera10
Stir. It will start to cook down almost immediately, so you can keep adding more if you’d like.

201359 spinach injera11
Begin adding water 1 tablespoon at a time, and keep stirring. The injera will get soft and porridge-like. And then become, ya know, porridge.

201359 spinach injera12
I had these chips. You may remember them from the time I used them to make delicious pancakes.

201359 spinach injera13
Same concept. Crunch them up and add them to the porridge.

201359 spinach injera14
Unless you find one like this, with a super thick coating of seasonings. Isn’t that your favorite? It’s mine. I saved it and gave myself a little treat.

201359 spinach injera15
Anyway. Stir in the rest of the chips.

201359 spinach injera16
Best eaten right away, while the chips are still crunchy.

201359 spinach injera17
Srsly. Quit taking pictures and EAT, or the chips will get soggy! …that’s what happened to me, but they still tasted good. Still, I’d prefer the crunch.

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