Happy Mother’s Day!

2013317 zbday3

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful, wonderful mother!

Some motherly memories…

Mom volunteering in our school library, coming to our kindergarten classes to make gingerbread houses with us before Christmas, letting me sit in her lap to watch her use the sewing machine, giving me pie tins to make mud pies after it rained. Letting me screw around in the kitchen, before I was old enough to use a recipe, and eating all my horrible mistakes.

Thanks, mom – I love you!!!

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  1. You were quite the cook when you were little. And one day, after all that messing around, you created the best white cake ever with out a recipe. No one has ever come close to making a cake as good as that. I think you were around 7 years old and already a culinary genius! Keep cooking baby gurl!

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