tavern on the square

Saturday we wanted to go to Stella’s – a certain someone was craving a meaty, cheesy burger, and I wanted a stuffed veggie burger. But. There was an hour+ wait.

2013514 tavern on the sq
So we went to Tavern on the Square instead. The thumbs down has nothing to do with the restaurant, it’s just something we kind of have to do now.

2013514 tavern on the sq2
This picture shows every single vegan thing on the menu, so don’t come expecting a [vegan] meal. If you want a nice snack, though, the sweet potato chips are great, with cinnamon and sugar. They’re served with some kind of creamy sauce, I forget what it is because I just ate them with ketchup. Sounds weird, but…I like ketchup with almost everything.
The guacamole had a very nice flavor and the tortilla chips were still warm, and extra salty.

And if all else fails, they have plenty of beer.

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