Chocolove almonds & sea salt

Speaking of my love for chocolate…

2013516 chocolate bar
This is one of the chocolate bars I had in my Pascha basket.

2013516 chocolate bar2
Personally, 55% cocoa doesn’t seem very dark to me, but it’s still yummy. The little description there about the flavor is accurate. I can’t believe I’ve managed to eat just a few squares each night instead of the whole thing all at once.

2013516 chocolate bar3
I didn’t think this love poem was anything special, I prefer the kind where someone dies at the end (Just kidding. Kind of).

2013516 chocolate bar6
But they did not skimp on the almonds or the salt, although I wouldn’t have minded if the whole thing were encrusted in coarse salt. But maybe that would be too much for most people. This might be my new favorite chocolate bar, until they come out with an extra dark chocolate version!

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  1. 90% dark chocolate encrusted in salt would be da bomb! My fave is a dark chocolate fennel bar……mmmmmm. It’s on back order at Global Infusion. Hope it comes soon!

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