raw chocolate – aztec cacao spice drink

Okay, allow me one last post about chocolate…for now. This is another item from my Pascha basket: Righteously Raw Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink.

2013518 hot cocoa
I don’t know why I feel like I can’t get enough chocolate lately, but now it’s not enough to eat lots of it. I need to drink it, too!

2013518 hot cocoa2
And according to the package, it’s good for me. So there.

2013518 hot cocoa3
Speaking of the packaging. The inner packaging is kind of annoying. They seal the bag way down in the middle, and you have to cut it open. That doesn’t leave much material to work with when you want to close it back up. I’ll come back to that.

2013518 hot cocoa4
It’s raw, and to keep it that way you’re supposed to add 2 tablespoons to warm or cool water, a smoothie or your favorite milk alternative. But…I was drinking it on a cold day and added it to really, really hot water. So. It might not have been raw anymore.

2013518 hot cocoa5
But still delicious. I may have added an extra little spoonful. It had a rich chocolate flavor, with a little bite from the spice blend. It will be interesting to see how the spices blend with a banana smoothie this summer. But back to the packaging.

2013518 hot cocoa6
So you’re left with this little tiny bag and no real way to seal it. Except,

2013518 hot cocoa7
They include a second, larger bag. There’s nothing telling you to do so, but I just stuck the little bag in the big bag,

2013518 hot cocoa8
and tied it off. Seems like they could come up with something better. But maybe they can’t, what do I know? Still, I would buy this again, but only from Home Goods (where I found it) or some other discount store. The discount price was $9 and you only get 16 servings. Anyway, that’s what made it special for my Pascha basket!

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