Vegan Bean Dip #3

I know, three is a lot. But I eat variations of this a lot, and I hardly ever post them!

2013523 bean dip
This time I started by sauteing onions in a couple big spoonfuls of toom,

2013523 bean dip2
then added tomatoes & bell pepper with smoked paprika, cumin, black pepper and tons of dill. Maybe a little onion powder. I don’t think adding one tiny little clove of fresh garlic would be overkill.

2013523 bean dip3
I let it cook until the onions were clear, and the tomatoes started to break down.

2013523 bean dip4
Add the beans and your favorite hot sauce (you can see a lovely, bright Frank’s Red Hot Sauce heart in my beans, it just happened that way). I also added a tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

2013523 bean dip5
I like sticking a bunch of tortilla chips in the dip while it’s still hot. I pull them out one at a time – in order! – eat them, and quickly replace them. I like it when the chips get soft and kind of soak up the flavor. I don’t know why I don’t just crush them up and stir them in, then I could eat it with a fork…but I guess burning myself is half the fun.

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