things that didn’t happen: Frankfurt, Germany

And some that did.

2013531 frankfurt
After an 8 hour flight from Detroit, we arrived in Frankfurt early Thursday morning. We had a driver pick us up and drive us out to Veganz, one of the very few vegan-friendly places in Germany. It’s a grocery store that sells fresh baked goods and vegan convenience foods, and it was the main thing I was looking forward to. However…

2013531 frankfurt2
when we were just a few minutes away, our driver told us, “Today is Free Day in Frankfurt. Everyone has day off, and all the shops are closed except restaurant and bakery.”

“Um, doesn’t that mean the shop I want to go to is probably closed?”

“Haha. Yah.” And it was. So was the DM! No vegan baked goods, no vegan wurst. Boo.

2013531 frankfurt4
Instead we went to a regular ol’ German restaurant, Adolph Wagner, where I got to try to explain to the waiter what vegan means. “No butter either?” [weird face] But they did manage to make some pretty delicious potatoes. The apple wine with them is a local specialty, it kind of tastes like non-carbonated beer.

2013531 frankfurt6
Then we walked around Old Sachsensausen,

2013531 frankfurt7
saw lots of neat old buildings,

2013531 frankfurt8
a giant Brian Eno,

2013531 frankfurt9
and a pedestrian bridge crossing Main River, not sure why the sign is in Greek. Maybe it would help if I knew what it said.

2013531 frankfurt10
These locks were all over the bridge, they are “tokens of love” left by thousands of couples.

We stopped and had sorbet on our way back to meet the driver, then saw an Alnatura store – a health food store that also carries lots of vegan stuff. I looked in the window and saw Beet Pate, whatever that is. The store looked interesting. And was also closed.

So, if you don’t want to have to worry about finding vegan food in Frankfurt, just make sure it isn’t a Free Day! If you don’t care about vegan food, go pretty much anywhere and you’re sure to find a variety of sausages and jellied meats. Yum.

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