Peach House

We arrived in Athens late Friday night and spent a few hours napping in the airport hotel, then flew out to Mykonos, and theeen caught a ferry to Tinos. It never felt like a vacation until we finally landed in Mykonos. Here are some pictures of our rental for the next few days, and some nearby houses.

201361 Peach House
Oh. Actually, let me start with this – we were picked up at the ferry and immediately fed a warm loaf of bread fresh from the bakery, right then in the car. When we got to the house, we were given this gift bag.

201361 Peach House2
Olives, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, some sort of moonshine (seriously), and a bag of dried bread.

201361 Peach House4
Here’s our little dining area and living room.

201361 Peach House5
The front porch.

201361 Peach House6
One view from the porch,

201361 Peach House7
and another.

201361 Peach House8
What I like to call The Cave Room, off the dining/living room. This, I found out, was part of the original house built here about 100 or so years ago.

201361 Peach House9
The kitchen. You’ll see more of this later.

201361 Peach House10
My bedroom. EM’s has a door that leads to the front porch,

201361 Peach House11
mine has a door that goes out to a little sitting area. In the sitting area, there’s a small flight of stairs that leads to…

201361 Peach House12
the pool. Nice view, huh?

201361 Peach House13
There’s a trail behind the house that leads to a great little restaurant (posting that next). Along the trail we also see this property.

201361 Peach House17
And this little church, among other things.

201361 Peach House14
This is one of the neighboring houses, with an outdoor dining area.

201361 Peach House15
Another house in the same complex.

201361 Peach House16
A shared pool, also next door.

201361 Peach House18
These houses and the church were all designed by the same woman, Chrysanthi. You can read more about them HERE. I’ll post pictures of the church soon.

This is an awesome house, perfect for just two. The kitchen is a little small, but that’s mostly only a problem when I want to take pictures while I work, and there are dishes and things crammed onto one counter. If you don’t have to make things look pretty and neat for a picture, it’s not a big deal. It’s a ways from Tinos Town, so we ended up renting a car. We ended up having a great adventure and wonderful dinner because of it, more about that soon!

*This one is a little late. I meant to post it earlier, but the time difference threw me off, sorry!

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