Greek Vegan Cooking Lesson

We left Tinos yesterday and are in Hiraklion, Crete now, but I have at least 10 more things to post from Tinos! I’ll probably do the rest when I get home, but our cooking lesson was the best.

I’m told you’ll be hard pressed to find measuring cups in Greece, and we certainly didn’t use any for this lesson. Cooking can be a science, but in this case it was all art.

201364 cooking lesson
Argie and Carole did the grocery shopping and put the menu together for us. We started with stuffed squash.

201364 cooking lesson2
Argie showed EM how to hollow the squash with a melon baller, something he was familiar with thanks to Tete’s lesson on making stuffed cusa during the holidays.

201364 cooking lesson3
They had aprons for both of us. Yep, EM chose this for himself. He’s man enough to get away with it…

201364 cooking lesson4
While he worked on the squash, Argie and I peeled and seeded the tomatoes for our gigantes.

Making quick work of it.

Making quick work of it.

201364 cooking lesson6
Onions, green peppers and carrots sauteing in olive oil…

201364 cooking lesson7
then we blended our tomatoes,

201364 cooking lesson8
added them to the veggies,

201364 cooking lesson9
and added fresh parsley and dill.

201364 cooking lesson10
The beans, cooked ahead.

201364 cooking lesson11
The beans with stuff added.

201364 cooking lesson12
Add some more olive oil, it’s hard to have too much.

201364 cooking lesson13
This is the little kitchen and dining area next to Chrysanthi’s church.

201364 cooking lesson14
The filling for the squash was rice with tomato, onion, parsley & dill, salt & pepper, olive oil,

201364 cooking lesson15
and tiny raisins.

201364 cooking lesson16
Fill the squash,

201364 cooking lesson17
almost to the top, but not quite. You have to leave room for the rice to expand.

201364 cooking lesson18
Cover them with a plate, just like Tete would do! Then add water to the pot, and cook until the rice is done.

201364 cooking lesson19
Midway through we decided we need Mythos and a snack.

201364 cooking lesson20
Crushed tomatoes, Tinoan oregano, olive oil and a bit of salt.

201364 cooking lesson21
Mix it up.

201364 cooking lesson22
Spoon it onto dried bread rounds, I forget what it’s called…

201364 cooking lesson23
Argie added her favorite olives, she said she brings her own olives everywhere – she eats them for breakfast 🙂

201364 cooking lesson24
And now we have dakos. It’s really good if you let them sit a while so all the flavors soak in.

201364 cooking lesson25
Getting back to work, Argie roasted these eggplants ahead of time and began slicing them open when the skin was blackened,

201364 cooking lesson26
then left them in the colander to cool.

201364 cooking lesson27
Once it’s cool enough to handle, scoop out the flesh and remove the seeds.

201364 cooking lesson28
More fresh parsley…

201364 cooking lesson29
Add the parsley to the eggplant, then mash the eggplant up using two forks.

201364 cooking lesson30

201364 cooking lesson31
Now let us make a Greek tomato salad.

201364 cooking lesson32
Tomato, onion, green pepper, cucumber. Olive oil.

201364 cooking lesson33
Capers, olives, and more of that lovely Tinoan oregano. Notice there is No lettuce in a traditional Greek salad. There would normally be feta, but they left it off for me.

201364 cooking lesson34
Boiled greens. I can’t remember if these were dandelion greens or another kind. Dandelion greens should be quickly blanched, then the water drained, and boiled again in fresh water to remove any bitterness. Other greens you may be able to simply boil without blanching.

201364 cooking lesson35
Our table.

201364 cooking lesson36
The greens with some extra squash. I believe these were served with olive oil and vinegar.

201364 cooking lesson37
Stuffed squash.

201364 cooking lesson38
Carole, cutting the obligatory loaf of fresh bread.

201364 cooking lesson39
They certainly know how to treat a vegan on Tinos. This was my favorite meal, by far.

201364 cooking lesson40
Afterwards we had Greek coffee.

201364 cooking lesson41

201364 cooking lesson42

201364 cooking lesson43
She made it a bit weaker for us (I think we could’ve handled it!)

201364 cooking lesson44

201364 cooking lesson45

201364 cooking lesson46
They offered to have Chrysanthi’s husband Niko read our coffee grounds.

201364 cooking lesson47
We ate this delicious Spoon Sweet while waiting for the coffee to do its thing, but

201364 cooking lesson48
Fr. R will be happy to know, we drank too much of the coffee, and the grounds were too thick to do much with. Niko tried anyway, between interjections of, “Wait, wait – give him more time to make up another lie!”

We took home the leftovers and had them later that evening for a snack, and the next day for brunch, and the next day for dinner. If you stay at the Peach House (which I highly recommend), you really must book the cooking lesson!

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